Vulnerability management simplified.

Manage more vulnerabilities with less resources.

Assign, track and validate the remediation of vulnerabilities on a per-project basis with

SIMPLE – No spreadsheets. No PDF reports, no CSV's. Just create a project, import scan data, assign and track vulnerabilities.

Import Data

Easily import data from multiple vulnerability scanning platforms such as Qualys, Nessus, Nexpose and more

Identify Vulnerabilities

Quickly and effectively indentify which vulnerabilities to remediate by risk or by compliance

Lifecycle Tracking

Merge allows you to easily track the lifecycle of each vulnerability to ensure validation and completion

Detailed Audits

Merge enables you to provide indepth, detailed audit trails for compliance reporting with ease

Vulnerability validation analyzes continuous scan data to validate closed vulnerabilities are fully remedied. Vulnerabilities that still exist are automatically re-opened and assigned. This closed-loop validation process provides the detailed audit trail for each vulnerability to demonstrate compliance with PCI 11.2’s clean-scan requirements.

Vulnerability lifecycle tracking

From the point of import into the platform, every action that is performed on every vulnerability is recorded. From identification to closure, approval and even validation. tracks every action, date, time and user.

giving you flexiblity with

Customizable risk profiles

Choose which vulnerabilities to remediate through the use of built in compliance profiles (such as PCI Compliance). Or customize your own risk profiles.


Approval process

Configure your projects to require a project manager to approve vulnerabilities. This quality assurance step can ensure that the provided documentation and evidence meets internal standards